Woman ‘Transforms’ Her Forearm Into a Tesla Model 3 Valet Key

What is the craziest thing you have done for the love of your precious car? Well, whatever, you might have done will most possibly fall short in front of Amie. Who is she, you ask? Well, she is the woman who just recently had her Forearm implanted with her Tesla Model 3 key. Yup! Take a moment to let that sink in.

Amie D.D is a Cosplayer and a software engineer (and now, technically a biohacker as well). She is (of course) a proud owner of the Tesla Model 3. A Biohacker basically refers to a person who undergoes a bodily modification procedure to integrate tech into their body.

Amie’s venture leading to this monumental feat started after she realized that her Model 3 valet key had no external identifier. What this means is that there was no way to uniquely identify between her key and others who possessed Tesla Model 3 too. After that she went to learn about programming her own key, dissolving it in acetone, and finally teaming up with various software companies, who helped her encapsulate the RFID chip in a biopolymer plastic.

The actual procedure of implanting the chip was documented entirely by Amie and uploaded on the website Hackaday. However, it should be noted that the procedure is not for people with a weak stomach. There is blood (obviously) involved, and it’s not something you see every day.

The implanting procedure was carried out by a Texas-based body modification studio. The gentleman who performed the implant modification goes by the name of Pineapple. In the video, the guy is seen driving what appears like a big stainless steel nail through Amie’s forearm just below the skin. Again do not watch the video if you are squeamish about blood.

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Amie says the implant works fine. However, she says the swelling has somewhat limited the key’s operating range to what she was initially expecting.

Operating your car from your smartphone does not sound too fancy now, does it?

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