The Perplexing Tale of Tesla Model 3 Pricing

Elon Musk and his team seem to be hell-bent on giving a tough competition to the bewilderment tale of The Twilight Saga by changing its Model 3’s price every month. Tesla has yet again changed the pricing of their cheapest car model leaving the automobile industry and (of course) the consumers scratching their heads.

With this latest development of the Tesla Model 3 pricing conundrum, the Tesla Model 3 standard range price has dropped down to its original price tag of $36,200. This means it has yet again received a price cut of $400 which was imposed earlier this year.

The Model 3 standard range, however, still remains a special-order-only model available only via special orders at Tesla’s outlet showrooms. Its bigger sibling the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is Tesla’s cheapest Model you can order online.

The story:

  • On September 2016, the CEO of Tesla Motor announced the release of Model 3. This was supposed to be the cheapest Tesla model ca. The price is revealed to start from $35,000, excluding the destination charge.
  • By mid-July 2017, the Tesla Model 3 officially went on sale but was available only with a long-range battery option along with premium interiors with a price tag of $50,000.
  • On February 2019, Tesla finally announced the availability of the $35,000 Model 3 car, but with standard interior and cloth seats. The final pricing started at $36,200 (including the destination charge).
  • On April 2019, Tesla announced it’s Model 3 standard range would now only be a special-order-only model with a partial-premium interior, and a limited software version of the Standard Range Plus. The Model was removed from online booking, and its order was limited only though physical Tesla Stores.
  • On May 2019, Tesla increases the Model 3 price from $36,200 to $36,600.
  • On August 2019, Tesla again reduces its Model 3 Standard Range back again to $36,200.
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With these price fluctuations, one can only assume whether Tesla Motors are unsure about the pricing of their cheapest Model or is just another of their peculiar marketing strategies.

Source: Car and Driver

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