The Chinese Market Exclusive Chevrolet’s EV Menlo is a Real Eye Candy

It looks like the auto market in China is getting some impressive updates. It is a very rare phenomenon for someone in the US or European country to envy the Chinese automobile market. The car variants that get released there are just standard, and nothing fancy.

However, recently a Chinese auto blog CarNewsChina released some images of a car which is supposed to the Chevrolet’s new China-only EV, the Menlo. On papers, the car looks like it came out straight from a futuristic concept car. The Menlo looks absolutely stunning and is a real eye treat for car enthusiasts.

From the initial impression, it can be clearly seen that the Menlo has borrowed the design from its preceding siblings, including the Blazer, Volt and of course The Bolt. It practically utilizes all the positive design aspects from all these models and gives you an eye-watering final product in the form of The Menlo.

However, the new EV model from Chevrolet is not only about its breathtaking appearance. The Menlo is supposedly running on the platform identical to the Buick Velite 6, which is also another China-only EV car. Chevrolet claims it can deliver the power of up to 174 Horsepower, which is not that bad for an electric car.

The capacity of the Lithium-Ion battery on the Menlo has not been confirmed as of yet. However, since it is running on an identical platform as the Velite 6, it may come with the 167-mile range that the Velite 6 offers as well.

As of now, the Menlo looks destined only for the Chinese market. However, with its excellent design and its fairly average performance capability, it looks like it could do a decent business even outside China as well, as it was in case of the 2021 Chevy Trailblazer.

The Menlo is expected to receive its official release at the Chengdu Auto Show later this year in September. We will have to wait until then to get its official specs list.

To check out more pictures of the electric SUV, you can head over to the source link below.

Source: CarNewsChina (Facebook)

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