The Brilliance of Tesla Autopilot Recognizes Traffic Cones and Shift Lanes seamlessly

Tesla motors ever since its inception has been the ideal representation of what innovation in automobiles should look like. Over the years, a vast number of Tesla owners have proudly shared their premium electric car’s autopilot capability in performing several traffic etiquettes with ease.

Just recently, a UK-based Tesla Model X owner shared one video demonstrating the brilliant “Navigate on Autopilot” mode on a busy highway. The video showed how easily the autopilot feature on Model X maneuvered a specific section of the road with a long line of traffic cones making up makeshift lanes.

In the video, the driver is seen trying to utilize the Navigation on Autopilot feature on the Tesla Model X. Much to the astonishment of the driver, the autopilot seamlessly recognized the presence of multiple cones along the side of the road, the distance between the individual cones, and also the makeshift lanes, instead of the genuine painted lanes. Although the driver decided to take manual control shortly after, it is an impressive feat of engineering from Tesla to have innovated such an advanced mode of autopilot feature on their product.

The feat is even more impressive considering that Tesla’s Autopilot feature is somewhat under-utilized in the UK due to several regulations.

Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot is arguably the most advanced form of a driver-assist system on any automobile car at present, capable of performing any type of traffic maneuver with ease. This may be the beginning of Tesla’s long-envisioned quest of introducing a completely autonomous driving system, especially considering that Tesla recently moved the Navigate on Autopilot feature from Enhanced Autopilot system to its Full Self-Driving suite.

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The improvements in Tesla’s autopilot are even more significant in the American market where the feature is not limited as it is in the case of the UK market. A recent video of a Model 3 owner surfaced where the car is seen maneuvering various lane changes smoothly without any problem.

The video is embedded below in case you wanna check out (courtesy of Tesla Driver):

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