Sophie Turner Reveals How She Actually Wanted The Game of Thrones to End

Sophie Turner who played one of the pivotal roles of Sansa Stark (Queen of the North) in the recently concluded TV series, The Game of Thrones recently revealed in her interview how she really wanted the blockbuster TV drama to end.

The final season of The Game of Thrones drew a lot of controversy and resentment, especially from its cosmic fan base community. Recently Sophie Turner, in her interview with The Wrap, talked about some of the things related to the final season as well as the aftermath of the Game of Thrones.

When asked about the controversial final season, especially the bitter fans reaction, Sophie said she respected the fans passion and loyalty towards the show. However, she said it was not right to call the writers terrible or that the final season was un-motivated. She revealed they shot for almost 11 months for the final season alone.

Sophie was also asked whether she had envisioned a dream ending to everything that finally built-up to the final episode. To that, Sophie said she imagined a different ending for Cersei Lannister. “I thought Arya would kill Cersei. And I would like to have seen Sansa and Cersei reunited, or Arya and Cersei.” Could the plot have made any difference to the “controversial” final ending of the show? We will never know. However, it is interesting to get an alternate perspective of someone who was a part of the show.

Sophie also said she felt very passionate about how her character’s ending and how she was happy about how it all ended for Sansa Stark.

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She also revealed how she was terrified of being axed from the show in the final season. “Every single page it was like, Oh, my God, is this it?” She revealed how great it felt, making it to the final episode.

Lastly, Sophie talked about the incredible bonding amongst the casts of the show. “It’s really my family, and because we love each other so much, it’ll be a goodbye to the characters but not to each other.”

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