New map of Fortnite revealed in Chapter 2 Season 1 trailer

Popular video games developer Epic Games has released a cinematic trailer for “Chapter 2 – Season 1” of Fortnite – after taking the game offline for more than 48 hours.

The popular battle royale shooter now has a brand new map, a bunch of new skins and an interesting makeover for the game’s mechanics.

Speaking of the new map, Chapter 2 island appears to be a little more mountainous than what we have seen before. It features a bunch of new points of interest like ‘Camp Cod’, ‘Power Plant’, ‘Weeping Woods’, and Lighthouse.

The island is split by small water inlets, letting players either swim, fish or use boats (new addition) to move around the map.

In addition to that, with the new update, the players can complete challenges that include catching fishes off Sweaty Sands pier and earn in-game medals by searching chests and eliminating players.

As expected from such an update, Epic Games has come up with new skins, guns, and emotes. Besides, the players can now heal their buddies with the new bandage bazooka, carry their downed teammates to safety, and also upgrade their weapons at the new ‘upgrade bench’ using their materials.

Other additions include more explodable elements like gas tanks and barrels and the new update allows players to hide in dumpsters and haystacks to get the drop on their rivals.

According to reports, the update weighs around 9-20GB and could take minutes or hours to download depending on your internet connection.

Joey Lehto

Joey Lehto

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