Minecraft to get visual upgrade through Nvidia ray-traced graphics

We all know Minecraft has chunky visuals. Minecraft developer Mojang is working with Nvidia to apply real-time ray tracing to dramatically change the lighting and color of the game while still remaining true to Minecraft’s pixilated appeal.

The companies announced ahead of Gamescom on Monday that it will be a free update for the Windows 10 PCs; but here is the kicker. It will only be available to those who use Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU since it is the only graphics hardware that supports with real-time ray tracing. Nvidia’s RTX cards are extremely expensive; the cheapest one being the $349 RTX 2060, but it still struggles to run Quake 2 RTX with ray tracing effects enabled.

The creative director Saxs Persson of Minecraft at Microsoft, said in a news release, “Ray tracing sits at the center of what we think is next for Minecraft. GeForce RTX gives the Minecraft world a brand-new feel to it. In normal Minecraft, a block of gold just appears yellow, but with ray tracing turned on, you really get to see the spectacular highlight, you get to see the reflection, you can even see a mob reflected in it.”

This is positive news after Minecraft developer Mojang made an announcement last week that Super Duper Graphics Pack will not be released. After more than two years of the update announcement, Mojang said it, “proved too technically demanding to implement as planned. We aren’t happy with how the pack performed across devices.”

When asked about Super Duper Graphics Pack cancellation and upcoming RTX update, Microsoft representative stated that the two projects were completely “unrelated” and should not be seen as a replacement.

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A range of real-time ray tracing 2019 games is being released by Nvidia at the 2019 Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The games being shown include Cyperpunk 2077, Watch Dogs: Legion, Dying Light 2, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Source: Nvidia, Minecraft

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