Intel 10th Generation Laptop CPUs revealed

Intel has finally started shipping its 10nm processors after years of delay trying to get the 10nm to work. The new 10nm processors are codenamed Icelake and it’s a class of CPUs only meant for laptops. Intel has been struggling to get the manufacture of 7nm processors for a while now. Whereas AMD shook the market with its value for money 3rd Generation Ryzen CPUs based on 7nm.

As with every new generation, the 10th generation Ice Lake processors provide improved performance and power draw. What’s new for this 10th generation chips is the new AI compute module and the hugely improved integrated graphics. You should finally be able to game with the inbuilt graphics that come with Intel CPUs. Until now Intel’s inbuilt graphics were only ever good for running desktop applications, whereas AMD has long been providing APUs that have much better integrated-graphics and gave you decent fps in games at 1080p.

The 10th generation CPUs come in two lineups – the U-series for most normal laptops and the Y-series for super thin fanless ultrabook designs. The new processors offer 18% more processing power and larger caches than the previous generations. The new Y-series TDP has increased from the previous 5W/7W to 9W/12W and the U-series TDP has gone down. This means that the gap between the U-series and Y-series chip is just getting closer and closer. And it is unclear why Intel has decided to move in this direction where U and Y series are getting indistinguishable.

The most high-end U-series chip is the Core i7-1068G7 which is a quad-core, octa-threaded CPU. The graphics chip has 64 execution units, and Intel has stated is enough to run CounterStrike: Global Offensive at 70fps at 1080p which is 55% faster than the previous generations UHD 620 graphics chip.

All the new CPUs provide WiFi 6 support as well as Thunderbolt 3 support.

Joey Lehto

Joey Lehto

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