Exciting News Announcement by Microsoft about ‘Age of Empires’

Microsoft is going to make an exciting announcement about the Age of Empires on Monday, August 19th at Cologne’s Gloria Theatre, Germany at 5.00 pm (CEST) and 8:00 (PT). This will be a part of a big flashy reveal at Gamescom. Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are making it possible for fans around the world to tune in.

This announcement could be associated with the Age of Empires 4 developed by Relic Entertainment, which specializes strictly in strategy real-time video games. Microsoft is treating Age of Empires as a big deal again hopefully to attract new PC players. All we know is that the game is “making good progress” according to Phil Spencer, executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft.

Till now all we know about Age of Empire 4 is in its trailer, which is actually just an Age of Empires concept art slideshow. We might be able to gain more knowledge about Age of Empire 2: Definitive Edition which we know will feature the following: (a) three new campaigns and (b) four civilizations and various re-mastered audio and visual improvements. The upcoming announcements might be related to the release dates of Age of Empire 2: Definitive Edition since it was scheduled to be released this fall.

According to the latest tweet by the official twitter account of Age of Empires, fans were asked to tune in for some exciting news but did not go at length to explain what they were revealing.

The creative director of the series Adam Isgreen stated that there may be an announcement about the Age of Empires III Definitive Edition. He also mentioned that fans will be able to learn more about Age of Empires 4 at Gamescom or XO later this year.

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Joey Lehto

Joey Lehto

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