All-new BMW 4 Series Convertible Prototype spotted doing rounds in Munich and Nurburgring

The BMW 4 series has remained pretty much the same ever since it was rebranded back in 2013. There has been negligible progress in terms of updates since then. Hence, there has not been much to talk about. However, that may be changing soon as the German premium manufacturer seems to be extensively testing a prototype of their latest 4 series convertible.

The camouflaged BMW 4 series was earlier spotted doing making its trial run on the streets of Munich. The latest video shows a camouflaged convertible BMW 4 series in Nurburgring.

The majority of the body design was cleverly hidden as a result of the camouflaged exterior. However, it is expected that the overall design will most likely borrow inspiration from its bigger sibling 8 series and smaller Z4 as well.

One of the most notable updates in the exterior department seems to be the inclusion of soft-top Convertible as opposed to the old hard-top. While this is a significant update from the older version, the soft-top somehow compromises the structural integrity, and also its aesthetic characteristics as well.

However, the reduction in weight from using soft-top should improve the performance and most importantly, it’s handling capability as well.

The engine is expected to remain identical for both the 4 Series Coupe and the Convertible as well. There could also be a possible Hybrid version of the 4 series. As per the latest development, it is also believed that the American market will receive only the automatic gearbox variant. For people preferring the traditional manual gearbox, they will have to pay for the upgraded M4 variant which is powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six engine.

BMW is expected to reveal its new line of 4 Series cars by the end of this year. If that happens, you can expect the latest model to be made available at dealerships in the first quarter of next year. The coupe will be the first to roll out followed by the Convertible, and finally the upgraded M4 Coupe and Convertible variants.

You can check out the video below (courtesy of Automotive Mike)

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